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The Fearful Lion
by Adrian

inspired by Pablo Neruda's "El Leon"

The huge lion from another planet is an animal
that comes from another side that the land doesn't know.
The lion is so thirsty and hungry it feels like there is a fire
in his stomach that burns like a mountain.
The lion doesn't know the place, and doesn't know
where the food and water are. He can't find another way
out except to leave himself for dead without covering
the land and knowing other animals, so he leaves himself
in the corner with the fear of losing himself.

Mis Pensamientos
by Vasti

Cuando yo peinso en Orange Walk
mi corazon palpita. Mirando el oceano,

me recuerda de en honey almond.
Cuando hay viento, sesame seeds fly around.

In Belize people eat cinnamon sugar tortas.
A los soccer players les gusta los dutch apples.

Cuando me despierto I listen
to the birds. Hay peces en Honey Camp.

Dog Talk
by Jack

The Golden Retriever said to the Chocolate Lab,
"Let's go play with my owner."
The Chocolate Lab said to the Golden Retreiver,
"Let's go hunt for food."

The Boxer said to the Poodle,
"I'm going to eat you."
The Poodle said to the Boxer,
"No, you won't."

The Greyhound said to the Yorkshire Terrier,
"Let's go chase rabbits."
The Yorkie said to the Greyhound,
"Let's go catch a rat."

The German Shepard said to the Chihuahua,
"I'm going to catch you."
The Chihuahua said to the German Shepard,
"You can't catch me."

Light in a Dark Time
by Darleen

after Peter Blume's "The Rock"

If the world's coming to an end,
they're trying to rebuild.
The giant grapefruit is life and death.
Animation faces push their way
toward the world they once had.
The Coca-Cola sign reminds
those of old time. Plant life rises
to show life goes on. Cotton candy
smoke grows over an uncertain time.
The bones should rebuild homes
with the tools to make them.

by Darleen

after Marguerite Porete's "To the Reader
of the Mirror of Simple Souls"

Deep down you have to look
inside yourself to find something.
My love is like a soul that
illuminates. If you don't have love,
you don't have a soul.