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exquisite corpse january 17, 2007

I save my spooge only for the exquisite corpse.
or at least that was what I told 'Eyes' of the
thorazine shuffle and the far-away sentimentality.
humbly, slowly, and
because splooge is like napalm, except for the fire
And she said "I'm should come baby..." And he said "I'll make you sore - one more hour..."
And they invited the sea lion trainer with the pussy fart hands
The first rays of dawn rhyme with climax.
Our eyes locked, our bodies synchronized and we knew it was time to come
with melty Superman ice cream.
And I realized I'm built for some middle school making out
Under the bleachers I saw her pink taco
This is the summer of cupcakes and boys
I used to enjoy wearing glasses.