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F*** Room, or recroctica

wednesday, january 17, 2007
black rock bar
damen and addison
8:00 pm

F*** Room, or recrotica

To understand what erotica is, you first must think of eroticism, of Eros, the primordial god of unhinged sexual desire. But more than mythology, eroticism is defined by Greek philosophy. In the Platonic system of ideal forms, eros corresponds to one's yearning for ideal beauty and finality. It is the harmonious unification not only between bodies, but between knowledge and pleasure. Eros takes an almost transcendent manifestation when one seeks to go beyond oneself and form a communion with another person, the objectival other.*

Erotica, then, are works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with eroticism, exploring that harmonious unification and transcendent manifestation of communing with another. Erotica is rather a modern word used to describe the portrayal of human sensuality and sexuality with high-art aspirations.**

Erotica is art and literature that embodies the feeling you get when you breathe a little harder imagining a touch, a sultry voice, remembering the dream where you didn't kiss but almost let your mouths rest against each other before turning away, lightly brushing your lips along the jaw line, breathing into the neck; you feel someone's mouth on your body, someone's skin under your hand, that burning want to feel them inside you, to encase them in your arms; you watch someone across the room and imagine them naked, watching you, making you shift in your chair as the warmth between your thighs grows and your mouth gets dry and suddenly you can feel every inch of skin on your own body tingling and waiting and wanting, and the blood pounds in your head and in other places and somehow you express this without a word, with only a quick glance through batted eyelashes, looking up then away then back up again, mouth opened slightly, so that when the looks connect there is barely enough time to grab your coats, to pay your tab and hail a cab to take you home to the warm, groping darkness of your bedroom floor or kitchen or shower or bed and then-

Experience the foreplay of rec room as we present f*** room, a night of recrotica exploring the sensual and sexual, the attractions of the mind and body and the frank physicality of sex.

*from wikipedia on Eroticism
**from wikipedia on Erotica