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exquisite corpse june 07 2006

della! della! della! della!
to be sure, i heard a bell
if i got to name a constellation, it'd be "della & her tape recorder"
and then sherlock and watson solved the mystery of the dinosaur
she has her own way of speech; each word is a new language
she is a queen of style, always with a good look and a sweet smile
we sat across from m. cross with maps of our lives. did you say something about a horse,
della? your face was open, ready to imprint, sufficient to absorb everything. keep it coming.
rubber balls and liquor
i'm glad your home is close to mine. what is a home, really, without a della next door?
what is a life, really, without a della in it? della. . . a necessary part of this world.
and if it were anymore, della, then fly, archaeopteryx fly!
and who doesn't love the way she carries things
darger dares destruction with devotion to dainty dicks
happy birthday to. . . shit, to me!

and i am perpetually awaiting a rebirth of wonder. (ferlinghetti)