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exquisite corpse sep 20 2006

The gray skies turned cold, sending a sorrowful series of chills
O my God! His face was Amazing
the span of his shoulders weakened me
Always remember that "Black is Beautiful"
Damn!!! If only I were a "C" cup!!!
Reach me here in Chicago, in Chicago where people say it's cold,
but the sun is still shining and I know it's not cold.
Who cares about your abscence when everything that matters is present
I am the naked man at the beach
I really want to win the Bible flash cards.
Holy shit - Rone Shavers rules the universe, I do believe
He later acted as he didn't know I smoke a lot of weed
he looked at the steaming pile of dogshit on the sidewalk,
large enough for at least three street-bums to warm their hands
Your tongue on my cheek, like an apple in my palm.
Destroy words for the letters
She wore worn shoes, her left heel ruined, she wobbled when she walked
as if drunk on love, or the love of living, whichever came first
Oh Rone, let us never again be friends
I eat edamame because I know how: Break the pod, suck out the pea