Friday, April 24, 2009

Rec Room Shout Outs!

Two months ago rec room did a reading panel at the AWP conference here in Chicago. Della Watson, Krista Franklin, Erin Teegarden, Allison Gruber, Nicolette Bond and I were on the panel. Afterward we had a lot of people tell us what a great panel it was, how much they enjoyed it, how it was the most incredible thing AWP had ever offered and they were honored to be there (that might be an exaggeration).

Anyway, I recently decided to google ourselves up with AWP and see if anyone in the blogosphere maybe mentioned us. And yes! I found these very kind words from random strangers who were lucky enough to make it to our panel:

"The Reconstruction Room performers were awesome. Awesome. If you live in Chicago and can go see a show, do so. Just do it."

"I loved the panel I went to about the reading series Rec Room (in Chicago). There were five readers -- two read essays, two read poems, and then this amazing woman (whose name I don't remember...) did this audience participation performance piece that was indescribably brilliant. I would even go so far as to call it cute and sublime." -

"I went to a panel on the Rec Room Reading series (which also featured pictures of Jac Jemc.) and totally loved it. A lot of smart, funny women. I'm sad I don't live in chicago, but I want to steal all their ideas and start a reading in Providence." -

So if you haven't been to show in awhile, please come out before you miss out! We just celebrated our 5th anniversary, and we're still going strong. Our next show, curated by Katie Hartsock, is May 6, and the theme is "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" all about neighbors and neighborhoods. I really hope to see you there.

Also, I would love it if you added us to your blogroll and signed on as a follower of this blog. I promise to start posting more than once a month. It will be all vaguely literary and rec room related all the time, I swear!


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